3 Ways to Improve your English today for free

Do you work for an international company? Do you have foreign colleagues? Do you have to communicate with customers from abroad? Did you use to live abroad or maybe you are planning to live/study abroad? Maybe you simply want to travel in the future, whatever your reason may be for wanting to learn English I have 10 tips suitable for anyone motivated to learn.

1. Watch movies in English. 

If you’ve studied English at school, exposing yourself to English movies/cartoons/TV series is really a great way to refresh your memory and learn new words!

Now that I am learning a 3rd language, what I do is I split the movie in half. I watch the first half in the language I am learning with the subtitles in the language I speak and then I change it the other way round – I then change the language to the one I know with the subtitles in the language I am learning. This way, I have the opportunity to listen and read in my target language.

2. Use Anki

Learning new English words is great until you forget them. A free and effective way to remember your new words in English is to use Anki on your computer. You can think of Anki as your smart flashcards.

Note: The last time I checked Anki to use on my mobile, the cost was £23.99, whereas using it on your computer is completely free.

3. Watch one TED talk per day

TED talks are truly ideas worth sharing. Personally, I watch a lot of TED talks up to this day just because I find the talks interesting.

TED talks are great because they are videos that are about 15/20 minutes long with a speaker (usually an expert in the topic).

Another great thing about TED talks is the variety of topics you can find, I have watched talks on traveling, business and even life lessons.

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