I’ve been learning English for over 8 years. Lately, I have been bored of just studying English😩😩What is a method to study English for fun?

🎥 Watching movies/TV series/cartoons in English is usually fun! I have lived in 3 different countries now (English is my second language) and now that I live in Italy I know which cinema to go to that shows movies in English (with Italian subtitles of course). If you live in a city, maybe there are cinemas that show movies in English, if not you can always watch movies on your computer.

Reading comics. Need I say more?

When people are having fun learning English becomes fun too. I once had a 7-year-old student who was in love with Legos and so I decided to use Legos in our lessons to make it more fun for me and him. He was so excited that he couldn’t stop talking in English for the next 30 minutes😄😄

I know myself how challenging and scary it is to speak to a foreigner in a different language😩I like to make every student comfortable when I am speaking with them because I know that this is the only way we can both have a conversation, doesn’t matter if they are kids, university students or professional adults😊

🌟My first lesson is always free. If you are interested you can follow this link. 🌟




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